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Swagelok Manchester merge with Swagelok Bristol forming Swagelok Central UK to provide enhanced service and support.

As of April 9th
, Swagelok Manchester and Swagelok Bristol will merge and trade under one entity - Bristol Fluid System Technologies Ltd, T/A Swagelok Central UK. Over the coming months, both organisations will merge resources and infrastructure to form Swagelok Central UK with operations continuing as normal for both facilitiesPlease take a look at the information below to understand what these changes mean for Swagelok Manchester's customers.

What does this mean for Swagelok Manchester's customers?


2024-03-20 13_33_43-206 Cavendish Pl - Google MapsOperations

As mentioned, no immediate changes will take place and the Bristol office will not be relocating. All of Swagelok Manchester customers will continue to be serviced through the Manchester office.

Over the coming months, resources and infrastructure will merge, with the core objectives of enhancing fabrication and engineering capabilities, deepening market specific knowledge and improving supply chain agility across the Swagelok Central UK territory.



Picture1-Apr-04-2024-02-09-15-4260-PMKey Contacts

All existing relationships and 'go-to' contacts will remain in the same positions that customers are familiar with, including Business Development Managers.

In time, more resource and subject matter expertise will be at the disposal of all across the Swagelok Central UK territory, further improving the service that we can provide to our customers. Markets such as Clean Energy, Oil, Gas and Chemical, Semiconductor, Nuclear and Defence will benefit from an expanding suite of manufacturing, field engineering and advisory services.


Simon Cooke - Managing Director
Swagelok Central UK



Articles including Swagelok Central UK's banking details will remain the same as Swagelok Bristol's. For your reference, key information is available for download via the links below that will be valid from April 9th 2024


Download Banking Details


Swagelok Central UK's Territory

Swagelok Bristol's and Swagelok Manchester's individual service areas will form the new territory for Swagelok Central UK. This new territory will reach as far south as Cornwall, include the Isle of Wight, all of Wales and stretch across the central and western regions of England up to Cumbria.

This geographic consolidation unlocks more seamless and operationally efficient ways of working for customers, especially those with multiple facilities across vast distances.

Simplified communication for compliance purposes, and greater agility to manage manufacturing and supply will enable streamlining and reinforce our values that involve customer focus and continuous improvement.


Further Information

If you have any enquires regarding the merger between Swagelok Bristol and Swagelok Manchester, please contact customer services and they will do their best to support you.

Customer Services

T: 01925 822662
E: info@swagelokmanchester.co.uk