Swagelok Manchester

Celebrating 75 Years

With a $500 loan, Fred A. Lennon founded our company in July of 1947. Learn about Swagelok's evolution here →

Custom Solutions

Meet a tight deadline, lower costs, and solve fluid system design challenges with Custom Solutions built right here in Manchester.

Virtual Training

You can now complete the Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation Class virtually, via ZOOM.

How can we help you? Please call +44 1925 822662.

Fabrication, design, and assembly

We offer made-to-order and engineered-to-order assemblies, enclosures, panels, and more. All built by our certified technicians here in Manchester. Here Jak Rotheram discusses Swagelok Custom Solutions. Learn more →


Tour our facilities with a click

New! Click the image to see inside our warehouse and other facilities in Birchwood. Follow links to view stock on shelves and more.


Evaluation & Advisory Services

We offer overall fluid systems evaluations and advisory services specific to analytical instrumentation, grab sample systems, compressed gas leak detection, steam systems, and more. Learn more

How can we help you? Please call +44 1925 822662.