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The contact details on this website refer to the Manchester office of Swagelok Central UK - Click here for contact details for the Bristol office.

Field Advisory Services

Fluid System Expertise and Experience Where and When You Need It

Swagelok Central UK has provided Swagelok products and expert support to companies in the North-West and Midlands area. Our field engineers are based locally and are supported by a global team of over 300 Swagelok certified field service technicians, certified assembly technicians, certified trainers, highly trained sales and service associates. Our engineers will work with you to arrange a site visit and will seek to understand any challenges you have so they can provide recommendations that meet your exact needs.


Find the Technical Knowledge and Problem Solving You Need

Our field engineers will also consider safety, emissions, quality of output, maintenance requirements and overall cost. Our Engineers can provide a comprehensive report that outlines guidance and information on best practices for addressing each type of issue. We also grade issues to let you know which issue should have the highest priority. They have successfully worked with and provided solutions to hundreds of companies like yours to help find a solution that best suites your needs.


Swagelok's Evaluation & Advisory Services


www.manchester.swagelok.solutionshubfsPhotography-Field Engineer111-1Fluid System Evaluation & Advisory Service

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Photography-Field Engineer52Compressed Gas Leak Detection Service

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SampleSample System Evaluation & Advisory Service

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Photography-Field Engineer73Hose Management with Advisory Service (HAS)

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Photography-Field Engineer107Gas Distribution System Evaluation & Advisory Service

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Photography-Grab Sampling-021 (1)Grab Sampling Support Service

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Our engineering services connect you with the technical expertise you need to overcome your most pressing fluid system challenges. Find out how you and your organisation can benefit from our expertise to better achieve your goals. Technical Team


Additional Services


Training Services 

Photography-Training and Education-33 (3)Combined 92 years of experience, our Swagelok-certified trainers at Swagelok Central UK deliver experience in oil & gas, clean energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and analytics applications. Learn more


Assembly Services

Photography-Seal Support Systems-59-1Combine the highest quality components industry-leading engineering and technology. The result is fluid system assemblies like no other. That’s what you get when you work with Swagelok Central UK Custom Solutions team. Learn more



Photography-Field Engineer96How to Detect and Prevent Fluid System Leaks

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Photography-Field Engineer113Your Checklist for Oil and Gas Safety

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Photography-Field Engineer94Field Engineering Spotlight: Solving Sampling System Challenges With Scott Cookson

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