Local Swagelok Services

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Training HALF

Swagelok Training

Combined, the Swagelok-certified trainers at Swagelok Manchester bring to bear 92 years of industry experience in oil & gas, clean energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and analytics applications. Learn about virtual and onsite training options that will increase your team's safety and performance.     Learn More →


Custom Solutions

Enhance efficiency by outsourcing assembly

We add efficiency and reliability to customer operations with expert design and construction of fluid system assemblies. Standard assemblies include gas distribution systems, mechanical seal support systems, and analytical subsystems. Learn more →

Gas Distribution Program

Avoid costly leaks and improve process accuracy

We offer configurable, local, reliable gas delivery systems. Each is built with minimal threaded connections to avoid leaks, is clearly labelled for operator safety and ease of use, and comes with Swagelok's industry-leading warranty. Learn more →

Grab Sampling Systems

Configurable, Local, Reliable Grab Sampling Panels for Gas and Liquid Service

We offer fully configurable, locally built and supported, reliable grab sampling assemblies. Every configuration has advanced features to help you safely capture samples of liquid or gas from your process lines. Learn more →

Field Advisory Services

Evaluations & advice by Swagelok-certified experts

A Swagelok field engineer can advise on how to tighten up and save at your facility. We can find compressed gas leaks, advise on analytical instrumentation, check steam systems, and much more. Learn more →

Engineering and Construction Project Support

Benefit from global resources and local support

Tap into Swagelok engineering support, application and materials expertise, standardised training, and efficient project management on your large-scale capital projects and construction. We offer a suite of services designed to help you navigate complex logistics, minimise costs, comply with regulations, and deliver on time. To learn more, please give us a call at 01925 822662.

Grab Sampling Systems

Safely capture representative samples of liquid or gas

Our closed-loop sampling systems deliver pressurised samples into pressure-rated cylinders, while liquid grab sampling systems allow you to collect process fluid into glass laboratory bottles for analysis. To learn more, please give us a call at 01925 822662.